Dedication and Run to Honor David and Patti Stevens on Feb. 6th

9:00 AM
Saturday, February 6, 2016
On the White Rock Creek Trail near Walnut Hill

Please join local runners and trail users to dedicate a new bench to honor David and Patti Stevens followed by a memorial run. The bench and plaque are the result of efforts by Robert Radcliff and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department using donations from the Dallas running community.

Please park on the southeast corner of Royal and Greenville and walk down the trail to the bench, which is just south of Walnut Hill.

Here’s the link to the Facebook event.

Trail Repairs in Progress Between Abrams and Skillman

Please use caution when using the trail between Abrams and Skillman for the next couple of weeks.

 Dallas Water Utilities crews are repairing areas damaged by construction vehicles during work on the adjacent sewer line. This is will be a great improvement. This section was in poor condition even before work on the sewer started.

Some sections have already been repaired while others have barricades where the concrete was removed. As of yesterday (Jan. 20), one entire section of the trail was demolished and new concrete was poured. There is no paved bypass around these areas so trail users will need to walk, run or cycle through the grass areas on the sides of the trail until the work is completed. Members of the crew said that work on this area of the trail will continue at least into next week.

The Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail would like to express our appreciation to the Dallas Park and Recreation and Water Utilities departments for quickly addressing this issue.

New sections of concrete south of Skillman... a big improvement.

New sections of concrete south of Skillman… a big improvement.

Looking north from Skillman, a entirely new concrete is being poured.

Looking north from Skillman, new concrete is being poured.

Users will need to detour around areas being repaired.

Users will need to detour around areas being repaired.

Trail Construction Near White Rock Lake Begins October 5th.

From the Dallas Park and Recreation Department:

Please be aware that a portion of White Rock Creek Trail, at West Lawther, just north of Northwest Highway will be under construction beginning Monday, October 5. A temporary asphalt trail will be in place for runners and bikers to use during the estimated three week construction, weather permitting.

“Our goal is to provide safe and convenient access to the White Rock Creek trail during the construction so that we do not inconvenience trail users,” said Oscar Carmona, Dallas Park and Recreation Assistant Director.

Here is some additional information we received:

  • The effective date for the temporary trail and construction on the White Rock Creek Trail will be October 6, 2015.
  • The location of the construction and temporary trail is at West Lawther approximately 1000 ft. north of Northwest Hwy.
  • The length of the trail that will be closed under construction is approximately 30 yards.
  • The temporary trail will be connected to the White Rock Creek Trail with access points at West Lawther and immediately north of the area under construction.
  • The temporary trail will be the same width as the existing trail.
  • The temporary trail surfacing will be asphalt.
  • Signage will be posted 50 yards in advance of detour from both directions.

10-2015_wrct_constclick to enlarge


News from the FWRCT Board

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail met on May 7, 2015 for an update from the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and discussed ways to encourage renovation of the trail. A summary is printed below. Please use the comments bubble to send us your ideas and suggestions.


Summary of FWRCT Board Meeting on May 7, 2015

Jason Ney, Manager, Park Planning and Acquisitions from the Park and Recreation Department made a short presentation including the ongoing development of a Master Plan for Dallas trails that includes 200 miles of interconnected trails traversing the city. His presentation was followed by discussions what FWRCT can do to hasten renovation of sections of the trail that are in poor condition.

In the last 10 years, the Park and Recreation Department has renovated the original trail from Valley View Park south to the junction with the Cottonwood Trail to a 12 foot wide concrete path. They also recently completed a 0.7 mile northern extension of the trail from Valley View Park to just south of Spring Valley Road.

There is no funding available for renovation of the old deteriorating trail from the Cottonwood Trail south to Northwest Highway. The cost for renovating the old trail to a twelve-foot wide path would be several million dollars. According to Jason, the only practical way to obtain funding for this project is from an anticipated bond election in 2017.

Jason and the Board discussed activities FWRCT can do to promote the availability of funds for trail renovation.

  • Encourage trail users and interested parties to contact City Council and Park Board members to request inclusion of trail renovations in the anticipated bond program.
  • Write a letter from FWRCT to the Park Board and City Council outlining and justifying a few major needs for trail repairs and renovations. Jason indicated that inclusion of data on trail usage and incidents would help make a stronger argument for funding repairs.
  • Develop connections with outside groups and businesses as potential donors to provide private funds that could leverage funding from the bond program.
  • Apply for grants that could be matched by private funds to support trail renovations.

Based on this discussion the following were identified as high priority items for the Board.

  • Update and prioritize the list of potential trail repair and renovation projects  developed by the Board.
  • Use the prioritized list to write a letter to members of the Park Board and City Council, with copies to the Park and Recreation Department, documenting the most critical needs on the trail.
  • Investigate the feasibility and costs for FWRCT to help the Park and Recreation Department buy a trail usage counter to set up on the White Rock Creek Trail.

After the Deluge

Saturday, May 30, 2015

We took a tour this morning to see what’s left after the last two days of flooding rain. Here’s a photo from the Royal Lane bridge looking north up White Rock Creek and the completely submerged White Rock Creek Trail at 11:45 AM this morning.

The trail is under 6-8 feet of water between Royal and Forest.

The trail is under 6-8 feet of water between Royal and Forest. Only the top of the sign for Orbiter Park is visible above the water.

When we rode back by around 4:30 PM the water had already receded so far that the trail was exposed again. However, there will be standing water and lots of mud on the trail for the next few days.

Then we rode down to White Rock Lake where an amazing amount of water was flowing over the spillway. A large crowd was on hand to check it out, more people than we’ve ever seen on the trail! Here’s a video.