August update on trail construction

The trail is paved under Northwest Highway. However, notice the heavy equipment next to the trail? Photo by Brian Hanson, posted on PBA Facebook page.


Northwest Highway

Although the hike and bike path under Northwest Highway has been paved, the trail is not officially open. We contacted Jeffrey Bush of TxDOT today and this is what he said.

“The trail crossing underneath the bridge is still officially closed and use of the crossing is discouraged.  There is still work to be completed in the area, and the “Trail Closed” signs and barricades will remain until the remaining work is completed.”

“We are working with the City to have the signals functioning at West Lawther to allow crossing at the signalized intersection until the trail crossing underneath can be safely opened.”

Hopefully the stoplight will be functioning soon. When it is, trail users will be able to cross Northwest Highway at West Lawther and no longer need to use the detour up to the DART station.

We will post updated information about when the trail will be open again at these construction areas as soon as we receive it.

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