Construction Update – Feb. 27

Trail detour at NW Highway

The detour at West Lawther and Northwest Highway is open again. The contractor completed installation of the new sewer lines under the DART rail bridge. As of Sunday (2/27) the temporary trail on eastbound side of NW Highway is open but has not been repaved. Trail users are being diverted onto the outside lane of NW Highway, which is closed to traffic.

View heading east on south side showing where trail traffic is diverted onto closed lane of NW Highway.

The lane is packed dirt as you pass under the DART bridge to turn right into the parking lot.

The path under the DART bridge to the turn into the old liquor store parking lot is packed dirt. There was no problem today, but this will likely turn in to a muddy mess if it rains. We hope the contractor can get this section of the temporary trail repaved soon.

Bridge construction on West Lawther

The bridge over the creek is gone!

The bridge on West Lawther leading to Goforth Road has been demolished.

The bridge on West Lawther Drive between the trail and Goforth Road has been demolished. There is no way to get to Flagpole Hill from the south end of the trail.


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