Improved Trail Access from Northaven Road

Access to the White Rock Creek Trail from Northaven Road in North Dallas just got a little easier. Construction has finished on a new sidewalk along the northbound US75/Central Expressway access road from the sidewalk that goes under Central at Park Central Plaza to the parking lot of the Forest Central II office complex.

Many of people have been using this little hidden route to get from Northaven to the WRC Trail for years. In the past, this required riding on the dirt and grass next to the access road.  Now there is a nice smooth sidewalk instead. We need to thank Lee Kleinman of the Dallas Park Board for working with the city to get this improvement installed.

A view of the new sidewalk on the east side of the northbound 75 access road. This view is looking from the east end of the sidewalk that goes under 75.


Looking north along the new sidewalk toward the access road bridge that goes over White Rock Creek.


Once you're in the parking lot of Forest Central II office complex, this is the little path you take down to the WRC Trail.

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