Feb. 23 update on trail closure at NW Highway

The latest from TxDOT.

Due to unforeseen construction issues, the trail closure will be extended to Wednesday, February 23, in order to complete the planned utility work. To be brief but descriptive, we ran into unexpected field conditions under the Dart bridge that slowed progress on the installation of a new sanitary sewer line and manhole.

Also, I need to stress again how important it is for cyclists/pedestrians to follow the warning/closure signs that are in place. The primary reason for closing the trail during this time is due to public safety concerns. Anyone not adhering to these signs is putting their personal safety in jeopardy.

Benton B. Axen II, P.E.
Project Engineer
East Dallas Area Office
4777 E. Hwy 80

Please pass the word.

TxDOT had to delay work on the storm drain project that will temporarily shut down the White Rock Creek Trail detour along the south side of Northwest Highway due to the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice earlier in the month.

It looks like TxDOT started work this week. One of our cycling friends reported on Wed. (Feb. 16th) that “the sidewalk is now torn up and there is sand, gravel, and mud to go through if you come down NW Hwy into the bike shop parking lot.”

Presumably, this section of the detour will soon be impassible, cutting off access to White Rock Lake via this route. We hope TxDOT can keep to their original time table and finish this job in three weeks.

In the meantime, there is an alternative route to get to the lake by proceeding further up Northwest Highway and crossing at the Walling Lane/Trammel Drive intersection. We’ve posted a detailed description of this route. Please leave a comment if you have more information.

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