White Rock Creek Trail Reopening Delayed Five Months

North end of the White Rock Creek Trail at LBJ freeway. Closed until March?


Due to ongoing construction, the White Rock Creek Trail has been closed at LBJ freeway since early June. Although the original estimate was that the trail would reopen at the end of August, that no longer appears to be the case.

In conjunction with BikeDFW, we requested information about the closure of the White Rock Creek Trail from the LBJ Infrastructure Group (LBJIG), TxDOT, and the City of Dallas. On Monday (Aug. 6), Warren Casteel of BikeDFW contacted Andy Rittler, Corporate Affairs Director of the LBJ Express Project, by email and asked “Can you give us an update on the re-opening of the White Rock Creek Trail at 635?”

We received this email response from Rittler on Wednesday. “We have consulted with the contractor and TxDOT and must continue to work through some of the safety aspects of opening that trail access. After some fairly extensive re-evaluation, it looks as though we are not going to be ready just yet to open that access in August. The lack of signalization/signage and current traffic configurations needed for the time being gives us concern for the biking community as this point.”

Warren followed up by asking, “What is an approximate revised timeline for this opening?”

Andy responded: “Once we have completed the bypass lanes over Park Central and the existing frontage and the heavier traffic is grade separated, LBJIG, Trinity Infrastructure LLC, TxDOT and the City of Dallas will be comfortable opening White Rock Creek [Trail]. It looks [like] our schedule is to complete this by March 2013.” By the way, we noticed yesterday that they updated the LBJ Express web site to reflect this new time estimate.

March is a five month delay over what LBJIG, TxDOT and the City of Dallas originally said. We have to wonder if there will be further delays.

On the bright side, the LBJ crossings at Rosser, Welch, and Montfort have all be reopened. In addition, the Joe Ratcliff Walkway over LBJ, between Midway and Marsh will be opened before DISD starts school on August 27th.

Pleases leave comments below. We want to hear what all of you trail users think.


6 thoughts on “White Rock Creek Trail Reopening Delayed Five Months

  1. First the underpass at Northwest Hwy was supposed to be done in May, now this. Some people will put up with the reroutes, but a lot wont. Between the Northwest Hwy construction and this, the trail will be “broken” for for how long? 18 months? I have to wonder, would the Dallas Bike Cafe still be open if the steady stream of bikers were coming down the trail, instead of looking for somewhere else to ride.

  2. I was riding from far north Dallas down Meandering then through Valley View park to the LBJ trailhead before they barricaded it there. I tried the Cottonwood trail detour. Crossing Coit and Spring Valley to Maham was a risky with 6 PM traffic. I found it was easier to go down the Westbound LBJ service road from Meandering and under the bridge to the trailhead. There is not much traffic at 6 PM and anyway, it’s a fast downhill run on the service road. I use the Cottonwood trail for the return route because Spring Valley and Coit traffic is lighter then.

  3. I do think we need to request a meeting with LBJ Express, TxDOT, The City of Dallas, and the other players, and get a very specific update not only of the plans for the temporary access for the WRCT across 635, but the permanent plans for the WRCT relocation. Additionally, we need to ask questions, and get answers, about all other bicycling related issues in the LBJ Express plans.

  4. At least there are alternate routes. In fact, I really enjoy the one leading to the Cottonwood Creek Trail. It’s a nice alternative to connect from the Preston Ridge Trail (instead of the Belt Line/Spring Valley option).

    Unfortunately, I noticed that the detour signs are for only one direction: west to east (north Dallas to Cottonwood Creek Trail). There is no indication of where the detour is if you are coming from Dallas (via Cottonwood Creek Trail) and heading into north Dallas/Plano.

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