After the Deluge

Saturday, May 30, 2015

We took a tour this morning to see what’s left after the last two days of flooding rain. Here’s a photo from the Royal Lane bridge looking north up White Rock Creek and the completely submerged White Rock Creek Trail at 11:45 AM this morning.

The trail is under 6-8 feet of water between Royal and Forest.

The trail is under 6-8 feet of water between Royal and Forest. Only the top of the sign for Orbiter Park is visible above the water.

When we rode back by around 4:30 PM the water had already receded so far that the trail was exposed again. However, there will be standing water and lots of mud on the trail for the next few days.

Then we rode down to White Rock Lake where an amazing amount of water was flowing over the spillway. A large crowd was on hand to check it out, more people than we’ve ever seen on the trail! Here’s a video.


One thought on “After the Deluge

  1. Hello: There are fences at WRC 234 on the White Rock Creek Trail that have been damaged by flooding and are VERY dangerous to bicycle riders on the trail. They are leaning into the trail, and because they are painted black and are in the shade, riders have to swerve to avoid hitting them. This was especially dangerous yesterday toward sunset, when I witnessed a number of riders almost hitting the steel head-on. I’ve tried to reach the Parks Dept but their phone is not answering- probably busy repairing damage. However, this needs to be repaired or at least, yellow-taped off. Do you know if have any influence to get this repaired? Thank you! Dr. Sam Fripple

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