Detours around WRC Trail construction at LBJ

We had a question on our Facebook page about possible detours around the LBJ construction that will close the trail on April 6-7 and 13-14. We’re assuming that Park Central under LBJ will also be closed those mornings, so that won’t be an option. Here are a couple of possibilities.

Ride to Hillcrest Road and cross LBJ on the street. You can get off the trail at the small side path just east of the Central underpass. From there you can ride south on the Central access road sidewalk and cross under the freeway on the small sidewalk. You can then take Park Central Plaza and Park Central Place to Northaven and ride west to Hillcrest.

Use the Cottonwood Trail. From the intersection of the Cottonwood and WRC Trails, go north on the Cottonwood under LBJ & Central to top of trail at Mahan Road. From there you can take Mahan, Kit, Emily, and Alpha roads east to Peyton Drive, where you can then easily get to the top of White Rock Creek Trail. Here’s a map:

View Cottonwood Trail to Peyton Dr. in a larger map

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