If you love the trail… you need to act now!

We’ve heard that there may be some “street money” in the upcoming bond election for bike trails. Dallas City Council Member Jerry Allen (whose district includes much of the trail) has prioritized a few new trails such as a connection from the Lake Highlands Trail to the WRCT and the additional extension of the Katy Trail to WRL.

We feel strongly that the top priority should be rebuilding the badly damaged section of the Whiterock Creek Trail north from West Lawther Drive to Skillman Street. What good will it do to have new connecting trails (designed to only serve individual neighborhoods) when the main trail (which servers thousands a day) is in poor condition? And… the White Rock Creek Trail will get even more traffic when the beautiful new plazas, trails, and underpasses at Northwest Highway open in the next month.

Please contact Council member Allen right away and urge him to make rebuilding the White Rock Creek trail the top priority. His email address is: jerry.allen@dallascityhall.com.  Or better yet, attend his upcoming town hall budget meeting tomorrow evening and speak out in support of the trail.

Council Member Jerry Allen’s Town Hall Budget Meeting
6:30 PM, August 14, 2012
Lake Highlands Recreation Center
9940 White Rock Trail, Dallas

The complete list of scheduled Town Hall meetings is available here:


One thought on “If you love the trail… you need to act now!

  1. FYI. The Western underpass at NW highway and W Lawther Dr. is not officially open, but I went through there today. The barricades have been moved so they only block half the trail and many others were using it. That is not to say, if they have some additional construction it won’t be totally closed again, but for now it looks like it is kind of a soft opening. Much better than the detour route we have been doing for what seems like 2 years.

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