Summer construction projects nearing completion

New Fencing Near Forest Lane

Construction crews were busy on the trail this summer. At the urging of the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail, the Park and Recreation Department replaced the decaying wooden fence that ran along the trail south of Forest Lane (behind Starbucks and Office Depot). Some sections of the new metal fence still need to be painted.

Additional sections of fence north of Forest Lane have also been replaced with new wooden fence. The new fencing is a real improvement and we thank Park and Recreation for taking care of this.

A new iron fence replaces the wooden one behind Starbucks and Office Depot at Forest Lane.

A new iron fence replaces the decaying wooden one behind Starbucks and Office Depot south of Forest Lane.

The Northern Extension of the WRC Trail

The northern extension of the trail from Valley View Park to Hillcrest Park is scheduled for completion in November. This included construction of a long bridge spanning the low-lying (and wet) area behind the Greek Orthodox Church at Hillcrest and Alpha roads. It looks like the bridge is waiting for installation of a safety railing. This northern extension is not officially open. Please use caution if you explore this area.


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