Trail Construction Near White Rock Lake Begins October 5th.

From the Dallas Park and Recreation Department:

Please be aware that a portion of White Rock Creek Trail, at West Lawther, just north of Northwest Highway will be under construction beginning Monday, October 5. A temporary asphalt trail will be in place for runners and bikers to use during the estimated three week construction, weather permitting.

“Our goal is to provide safe and convenient access to the White Rock Creek trail during the construction so that we do not inconvenience trail users,” said Oscar Carmona, Dallas Park and Recreation Assistant Director.

Here is some additional information we received:

  • The effective date for the temporary trail and construction on the White Rock Creek Trail will be October 6, 2015.
  • The location of the construction and temporary trail is at West Lawther approximately 1000 ft. north of Northwest Hwy.
  • The length of the trail that will be closed under construction is approximately 30 yards.
  • The temporary trail will be connected to the White Rock Creek Trail with access points at West Lawther and immediately north of the area under construction.
  • The temporary trail will be the same width as the existing trail.
  • The temporary trail surfacing will be asphalt.
  • Signage will be posted 50 yards in advance of detour from both directions.

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