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  1. I am a cyclist and enjoy the trail very much. I also use the trail to commute to work two or three days a week. I am always concerned about the trail conditions during and after the rain. Has anyone considered a blog or map that shows current trail conditions? Or current conditions at individual locations? For example, dry, mud, flooded… etc.

    • Thanks! We think this is a great idea. However, finding someone to volunteer to do this on a regular basis seems difficult. One possibility is to use the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail twitter account to post trail updates. You (or anyone else with a Twitter account) can do this by tweeting to @whiterocktrail. The tweet with trail conditions will appear on our account and on the web site home page. This could also be done by posting on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fwrct.

  2. Sorry about my earlier comment. I entered the site from google in a way that did not give me access to your map.

    Tried another link in and voila. Would help if site gave street addresses of parks that access the trail.


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