A peek at the future NW Highway crossing… it’s good!

The latest information we have is that the Northwest Highway reconstruction project at the White Rock Creek Trail is scheduled for completion in May of 2012. Although trail users will need to put up with with the detour at Northwest Highway and West Lawther Drive a while longer, we thought we’d provide some information on what the trail will look like when this massive project is completed that might help make the wait more bearable.

Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail Vice-President Jan De Meulder tracked down some design documents for the Hike and Bike Trail on the TxDOT web site (see below). It looks like the new trail and its connections to the White Rock Creek Trail, Flag Pole Hill, and White Rock Lake will be gems. Some elements included in the design are:

  • An underpass below NW Highway that connects with the White Rock Lake trail and two beautiful pedestrian plazas at West Lawther.
  • A completely new hike and bike trail with three bridges along the north side of NW Highway
  • An underpass below NW Highway that connects with East Lawther Drive and another pedestrian plaza at Goforth Drive.

Here’s a view of the overall plan for the new trail and its connections to existing trails and streets. Click on the image to enlarge.

Here are links to additional PDF documents from TxDOT with more information.

A before and after rendering of the plaza and underpass at the West Lawther crossing.

Drawings of the hike and bike trail bridges and pedestrian plazas.

The TxDOT web site

8 thoughts on “A peek at the future NW Highway crossing… it’s good!

  1. Wow, this is impressive! Thanks to all who pushed this, and made it better than before.

    One question: Is the elevation such that the underpasses, and maybe even the East / West link on the North side of NW Hwy., will flood regularly? If so, does the City have a rapid clean up plan?

        • The fact that WRCT even exists is due to an add on to a major project to install a storm sewer pipeline in early 1980’s. Someone convinced the contractor that adding a strip of concrete to the massive project would not be a big effort. Very little planning was involved.

          The Dallas Park and Rec Dept. is rebuilding sections of the trail to modern design standards. For an example, check out the section between Forest Lane and Valley View Park! More is on the way.

  2. So why don’t they connect the White Rock Trail to the White Rock DART Station and the future extension of the Katy Trail? It is oh-so-close, and seems like this is the time to do it, yet they do not.

    • Maybe they can install a permanent sidewalk/path where the current asphalt detour is on the north side of NW Hwy that leads to the DART station? We can check on this. Great suggestion!

      • I agree with Ron. One main goal of the new Dallas Bike Plan is connectivity to DART. This should be brought up to Max K. Also, one of the quickest ways to get something done is as a Change Order on an ongoing job. While they are constructing NW Hwy would be the perfect time, and maybe get this years sooner!

    • I also don’t understand the reluctance to make this connection. However, you can already get to the DART stating using the stairs. There are other plans for connecting White Rock to the Katy Trail on the east side of the lake.

      My best guess is that they don’t want the KT Extension along NW Hwy to be used for through traffic because of the multiple at-grade crossings.

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