First Board Meeting

Thirteen people attended the first “Board” meeting of the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail on March 10, 2011. A brief review of the discussion and actions taken follows.

Establish a Board of Directors

The following individuals have indicated their willingness to serve as members or advisors of the Board of FWRCT.

Denise Davis
Max  Davis
Jan De Meulder
Phil Devero
Lee Kleinman — Advisor*
John Kimbrell  — Advisor*
Martha Kimbrell
Jason Land
Steve Marsden
Sam Meisner
Bud Melton — Advisor*
Marc Mumby
Trent Nix
Don Pearce

*Non-voting Advisors

Election of Officers

Officers were elected to facilitate organization of FWRCT. The following people volunteered and were elected.

President – Marc Mumby
Vice-President – Jan De Meulder
Secretary – Martha Kimbrell
Treasurer – Steve Marsden

Develop a Mission Statement

The consensus was that our mission should be defined in relatively broad terms. There was agreement that supporting trail maintenance, promoting trail enhancements, and advocating for the trail should be major missions of FWRCT. Steve Marsden volunteered to write a Mission Statement and circulate it to the Board for approval.

File for Non-profit Status

FWRCT will proceed with the process of filing to incorporate as a non-profit organization in Texas. This will require:

  • Filing articles of incorporation with the Texas Secretary of State’s office
  • Obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS – Marc Mumby agreed to do this.
  • Renting a post office box. – Marc Mumby agreed to do this.
  • Preparing a proposed budget.
  • Preparing bylaws – Steve Marsden agreed to prepare a first draft and circulate to the Board.
  • Filing forms with the IRS.


Lee Kleinman suggested and the Board approved enquiring about obtaining general liability and Directors and Officers insurance for FWRCT.

Establish a Founder’s Campaign

Bud Melton suggested and the Board agreed to start a Founder’s Campaign as a means to solicit funding to establish the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail. Jim Hoyt, owner of Richardson Bike Mart, has already pledged $5,000.

Seek Volunteers

It was proposed and agreed that we send out an email request to solicit experienced volunteers to help with Texas and IRS filings, obtaining insurance, and establishing the Founders fund-raising campaign.

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