Public Meeting Report

FWRCT Board Members Max and Denise Davis attended Wednesday’s public meeting on the connection between the Northaven and White Rock Creek trails. Here is Max’s report.

“The “open house” portion of the agenda consisted of displays showing portions of the trails and the alternative approaches for connecting the Northaven Trail with the White Rock Creek Trail.”

“The presentation by the Dallas County Public Works representative covered three alternatives for connecting the two trails. The recommended approach appeared to be the best approach, for a variety of reasons. (see the green path on the map at right).”

“After the Q&A, attendees were asked to provide feedback online, using the following website survey tool:”

“The current time line shows construction starting in Jan 2013 with completion in January of 2014.”

5 thoughts on “Public Meeting Report

  1. I suspect there’s no other access that doesn’t cross private property. At the top of Park Central Place, there’s an alley that runs east out to WRC. I think that’s what they’re planning on using.

  2. I went to a Northaven Trail meeting a couple of years ago, and Dallas County addressed the issue of a bridge just West of 75 teeing into the WRC Trail. I believe that the problems with a bridge across the creek in that location was that there was not enough room for a good intersection on the WRCT side of the creek, and that the supports for the bridge would have to be built totally in the creek at higher cost due to a lack of land. (Warning: This was 2 years ago, and I may not remember right!)

  3. I am sorry I missed the meeting. My main suggestion is to avoid any solution that proposes crossing the service roads. My experience has been that cars typically travel well in excess of the posted speed limit on the service roads, especially on the north bound side, and it is hard to see down the service road when coming out from under central until you are right up on it.

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