Update on trail construction projects

Our guest at the FWRCT Board meeting earlier this week was Michael Hellmann, Associate Director of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department who updated us on current and future construction projects on the White Rock Creek Trail. We’d like to express our appreciation to Mike for taking the time to visit with us. Here’s a brief summary of his presentation.

Construction Projects on the White Rock Creek Trail

  • Trail rebuild south of Forest Lane to Northwood Park/Greenville
    • A request for bids has been posted
    • Construction is expected to begin in June
    • More information on Trail Construction page
  • New Trail section North of Valley View Park to Hillcrest Park
    • Design work for this extension of the trail is wrapping up
    • Request for bids should go out in April or May
    • More information on the Trail Construction page
  • New trail section along Park Central and LBJ at Valley View Park (LBJ Express project)
    • The Park and Rec Department has and will continue to work with TxDOT to insure inclusion of rebuilding of the WRCT during the LBJ Express project.
    • According to the current plan, the WRCT will travel under the rebuilt LBJ near its current location, then travel along a barrier-separated path/lane on the west-bound access road across a new bridge over the creek (built by TxDOT). A new section of trail (built by Park and Rec. Department) along the north side of the LBJ access road will connect from the TxDOT bridge to the current trail stub at the corner of Hillcrest and the west-bound access road.
    • There will be intermittent disruptions and closings of the WRCT during LBJ construction. These will be posted by LBJ Express and the Park and Rec Dept.
  • TxDOT Tree remediation in Anderson Bonner Park
    • TxDOT removed 500 trees for LBJ Express project. The loss of these trees will be remediated by planting new trees in city parks. Many of these new trees will be planted along the WRCT in Anderson Bonner Park.
  • Trail Crossing at NW Highway and West Lawther
    • According to TxDOT the Northwest Highway rebuilding project is scheduled for completion this summer.
    • Although it is not clear when new section of the trail under NW highway (just east of W. Lawther) will be open, significant sections of concrete have already been poured and progress looks good.
    • As per the original plans, TxDOT is building a connector hike and bike path (with three bridges) between W. Lawther and Goforth/E. Lawther on the north side of NW Hwy.

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