Cottonwood intersection completed but construction continues

I rode to work via the trail this morning. I’m happy to report that trail construction at the intersection of the White Rock Creek Trail with the Cottonwood Trail is complete. The new intersection is nice! Increase in the width of WRCT to twelve feet makes for smooth sailing through here.

The construction crew also repaved the side trail that leads from the WRCT to the office building parking lot east of the 75 access road. The 75 access road sidewalk-Central underpass sidewalk route to Northaven Road is open again.

Construction, of what looks like the last section of this project, is now taking place west of 75 along the back of the Office Depot/Asian Mint shopping center. A temporary trail has been constructed, so this section is still completely rideable. Based on how quickly construction has been completed so far, this section might be completed next week.

The newly completed intersection of the White Rock Creek and Cottonwood trails. Nice, wide, and smooth!

The side path leading to the 75 access road sidewalk and Northaven Road has been re-paved. This is a popular way to get from North Dallas to the trail.

Construction continues on the west side of 75 behind the Office Depot shopping center, but a temporary trail is in place. This section is passable.

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