Dallas Bicycle Café… a contender for most bike friendly business in Texas!

Dallas Bicycle Cafe... the primo parking spaces in front are reserved for bicycles!


By Marc Mumby

If you’ve ridden, run, or walked the White Rock Creek Trail in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed the gradual conversion of an old Lake Highlands liquor store at the Northwest Highway and West Lawther intersection into a super bike friendly café.

The Dallas Bicycle Café opened on Februrary 4th. I sat down with owner Armando Guerroro last Sunday to find out more.

The first thing you notice, in case you haven’t guessed from the furniture built with bicycle parts, is that Mr. Guerrero is a huge fan of cycling, running, and healthy lifestyles. He’s a competitive cyclist and triathlete, as well as a bicycle commuter, who has logged hundreds of miles around White Rock Lake.

The interior design reflects Armando’s passion for running and cycling. The vaulted ceiling and skylights make the interior feel airy. Bicycle art decorates many of the walls, including a collection of handlebars mounted like big-game trophies.

The café is only a few yards from the White Rock Creek Trail where cyclists (and runners and walkers) are assured of a warm welcome. The food is great and the atmosphere outstanding (even if you don’t ride your bike there!)

Dallas Bicycle Café
7510 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75214

Some interesting facts about Dallas Bicycle Café:

  • The café is open from 6 AM till 10 PM. It serves breakfast (all day), lunch and dinner. The menu includes healthy food options, salads, tacos, sandwiches, and plenty of bicycle-themed coffee drinks (try the 32 oz “Le Peloton” for a caffeine buzz that’ll get your tires rolling!). The café also serves beer and wine, including “Red Bicyclette” of couse!
  • 80 percent of the construction was done with recycled and repurposed material.
  • Most of the furniture and bicycle art was constructed by Mr. Guerrero.
  • Dallas Bicycle Café will have short- and long-term secure storage for 70 bicycles, lockers and a changing room. Mr. Guerrero invisions the café serving as a sort of “country club” for cyclists who ride at White Rock Lake or the White Rock Creek Trail. Store your bike there and save the hassle of having to haul it around.
  • There will be a bicycle “concierge” service. Call ahead and they will get your bike out of storage and pump the tires so it’s ready when you arrive. Customers can also make arrangements to have their bike tuned-up next door at Dallas Bike Works.


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One thought on “Dallas Bicycle Café… a contender for most bike friendly business in Texas!

  1. Dear Armando G:

    Kudo’s for taking a passion in your life and turning an old liquor store into something positive for our community. As a fan of cycling, running, tri-sports and our beautiful White Rock Lake, I’m thrilled to learn there is bike lockers and storage services available. Your business will most certainly pick up after the construction is done … I look forward to meeting you and hanging out at a club for those of us who want to improve our health in a fun recreational way. Regards, Steve Harris

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