Park and Recreation Department Repairs Trail

Patches on sections of the trail that had crumbled and broken across the entire width.




If you’ve been on the White Rock Creek Trail in the last week, you’ve probably noticed the patching that has been done between the Skillman Road overpass and West Lawther Drive. The asphalt patches are big improvement in this section, which had deteriorated over the last several years. Ultimately, this section of trail will need to be rebuilt in a manner similar to rebuilding that has taken place on the north end of the trail (new 12 feet wide concrete). This repair job has been on the list of projects for a long time. It’s great to see it finally happen. This section of trail is much safer now.

This section of the WRC Trail (and the patching) is also featured in
this short video about commuting by bicyle.

One of the Dallas Trail Safety Campaign signs with a 911 emergency call sign in the background. These are near the Royal and Greenville intersection.




The trail also now has a few of the Park and Rec. Dept. trail safety campaign signs and a complete set of 911 emergency call signs.


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