Photos from the Newly Opened Northern Trail Extension

The new northern extension of the White Rock Creek Trail is officially open. All the signs and barricades are gone. This is a beautiful new addition to the White Rock Creek Trail that is worth checking out.

The extension adds another three-quarters of a mile to the north of Valley View Park, and winds through a dense forest along the east side of White Rock Creek, in back of the Greek Orthodox church at Alpha and Hillcrest Roads, and along the west side of Hillcrest.

The northern extension terminates in a loop at a small park behind some houses south of Spring Valley Road. The only public access to the new trail is from Valley View Park. Here are a few photos taken on December 8th.

3 thoughts on “Photos from the Newly Opened Northern Trail Extension

  1. congrads….new trails are always welcomed to me as a cyclist….i just wish the dallas parks commission would maintain what they’ve built….i.e. removing graffetti, maintained planted landscaping, blowing off the trails (leaves, trash, broken glass) , re-lamping the pole lighting….etc.

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