Trail gets new stripes

This past week, the Park and Recreation Department completed a project to re-stripe nearly the entire length of the trail. This should make the trail safer by helping remind people that they need to stay to the right, which is especially important when faster moving bicycles are approaching from behind.

The re-striping project was one of the high priority items recommended by the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail in a meeting with Park and Recreation planning and maintenance staff on July 18th. We thank them for their speedy response!

New striping on trail just north of the basketball court at Northwood Park.


Along Royal Lane, next to Royal Oaks Country Club. Anyone know when they plan to finish construction along WRC?


Heading north approaching bridge over Cottonwood Creek.


5 thoughts on “Trail gets new stripes

  1. Stripes are great! Thanks! Any chance we can get the underbrush on either side of the trail cleared out at trail markers 142/144 ? That’s the curvy section near the basketball court in the picture, at Northwood Park. Folks don’t see others coming, often until it’s too late!

  2. This evening 9/6/11 around 6pm there was a serious bicycle accident on the White Rock Creek Trail just south of Abrams. A cyclist who was wearing a helmet had a serious head injury. It happened to the immediate south of the Abrams underpass on the trail close to where they guy wires are affixed to the concrete on an apron near the trail. 911 was called more than once and the 911 operator could not locate the 911 locator sign in the system! I was floored that despite all our efforts, the dispatcher could not figure out where to send paramedics. This bothers me quite a bit. That despite the efforts of a dozen people, many of whom are like me that use the trail daily, we could not get the operator to send an ambulance. Makes me furious. Are these signs not in the system yet?

    Also, do you think Oncor could maybe put some of those plastic sheaths over those guy wires? I believe the sheaths/shrouds existed in the past, maybe 10 years ago over the wires but for whatever reason were removed, possibly during construction or replacement.

  3. This is disturbing news. We will relay your post to the Park and Rec. Dept. It was our understanding that one of the reasons it took so long to deploy the 911 signs on the WRCT was due to the time it took to register each sign (GPS coordinates, access routes, etc.). Looks like the system is not working. We’ll check on plastic covers for the guy wires. This is important stuff… thanks for posting.

    • Thanks for addressing the guy wire shrouds on the south side of the Abrams bridge! On the evening of Friday September 9th I noticed that yellow protection shrouds were installed over the guy wires(3 out of 4, close enough). Thanks! You probably saved someone from serious injury in the future.

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