Photos from the Newly Opened Northern Trail Extension

The new northern extension of the White Rock Creek Trail is officially open. All the signs and barricades are gone. This is a beautiful new addition to the White Rock Creek Trail that is worth checking out.

The extension adds another three-quarters of a mile to the north of Valley View Park, and winds through a dense forest along the east side of White Rock Creek, in back of the Greek Orthodox church at Alpha and Hillcrest Roads, and along the west side of Hillcrest.

The northern extension terminates in a loop at a small park behind some houses south of Spring Valley Road. The only public access to the new trail is from Valley View Park. Here are a few photos taken on December 8th.

Summer construction projects nearing completion

New Fencing Near Forest Lane

Construction crews were busy on the trail this summer. At the urging of the Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail, the Park and Recreation Department replaced the decaying wooden fence that ran along the trail south of Forest Lane (behind Starbucks and Office Depot). Some sections of the new metal fence still need to be painted.

Additional sections of fence north of Forest Lane have also been replaced with new wooden fence. The new fencing is a real improvement and we thank Park and Recreation for taking care of this.

A new iron fence replaces the wooden one behind Starbucks and Office Depot at Forest Lane.

A new iron fence replaces the decaying wooden one behind Starbucks and Office Depot south of Forest Lane.

The Northern Extension of the WRC Trail

The northern extension of the trail from Valley View Park to Hillcrest Park is scheduled for completion in November. This included construction of a long bridge spanning the low-lying (and wet) area behind the Greek Orthodox Church at Hillcrest and Alpha roads. It looks like the bridge is waiting for installation of a safety railing. This northern extension is not officially open. Please use caution if you explore this area.


Cottonwood intersection completed but construction continues

I rode to work via the trail this morning. I’m happy to report that trail construction at the intersection of the White Rock Creek Trail with the Cottonwood Trail is complete. The new intersection is nice! Increase in the width of WRCT to twelve feet makes for smooth sailing through here.

The construction crew also repaved the side trail that leads from the WRCT to the office building parking lot east of the 75 access road. The 75 access road sidewalk-Central underpass sidewalk route to Northaven Road is open again.

Construction, of what looks like the last section of this project, is now taking place west of 75 along the back of the Office Depot/Asian Mint shopping center. A temporary trail has been constructed, so this section is still completely rideable. Based on how quickly construction has been completed so far, this section might be completed next week.

The newly completed intersection of the White Rock Creek and Cottonwood trails. Nice, wide, and smooth!

The side path leading to the 75 access road sidewalk and Northaven Road has been re-paved. This is a popular way to get from North Dallas to the trail.

Construction continues on the west side of 75 behind the Office Depot shopping center, but a temporary trail is in place. This section is passable.

Public workshop for the Northaven – White Rock Creek/Low 5 Multimodal Connection

A public workshop for the Northaven – White Rock Crrek/Low 5 Multimodal Connection will be held on Tuesday. Please attend to hear the latest news and provide input on where and how the Park and Recreation Department is planning to span White Rock Creek to connect the Northaven Trail to the White Rock Creek Trail.

October 30, 6:30 pm
Jewish Community Center – Zale Auditorium
7900 Northaven Road
Dallas, TX 75230

Open House: 6:30p.m. -7:00p.m.
Presentation/Q & A: 7:00p.m. -7:45p.m.
Open House: 7:45p.m. -8:30p.m.

If you have any questions you can contact:
Jonathan Toffer, E.I.T.
Senior Transportation Planner
Dallas County Public Works
411 Elm Street, 4th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75202

It’s open, sort of, but construction continues at Northwest Highway

Southbound riders emerging from the new underpass. See the pickup?


We’ve heard how delighted trail users are with the new section of the White Rock Creek Trail under Northwest Highway at West Lawther drive. Although not officially open (see photos), neither the contractor nor TxDOT have (so far) been inclined to force people off of it.

Coming from the north, this is the first Trail Closed sign to negotiate.

This sign is closer to the construction.

Trail closed sign approaching from the south.










We think this is great, especially for weekend use! Allowing early access to the underpass is much safer than continuing to use the NW Hwy/DART station detour, which has been the bane of trail users for the last two years. However, this situation could change and it is important that trail users don’t jeopardize this largess.

It is obvious that there is still much construction work that needs to be done. There are workers and heavy machinery along (and sometimes on) the trail. Please be extremely cautious when riding or walking through this area and be courteous to the workers. If everyone plays nice, the contractor and TxDOT may let us continue to use the new trail.

There is still a lot of construction work that needs to be completed.


We also need to point out that the stoplight at West Lawther and NW Highway is now working.  So an alternative to the underpass is to use the sidewalk on the east side of West Lawther to cross NW Highway. Nice new paths lead from this sidewalk back to the trail.

Public Meeting Report

FWRCT Board Members Max and Denise Davis attended Wednesday’s public meeting on the connection between the Northaven and White Rock Creek trails. Here is Max’s report.

“The “open house” portion of the agenda consisted of displays showing portions of the trails and the alternative approaches for connecting the Northaven Trail with the White Rock Creek Trail.”

“The presentation by the Dallas County Public Works representative covered three alternatives for connecting the two trails. The recommended approach appeared to be the best approach, for a variety of reasons. (see the green path on the map at right).”

“After the Q&A, attendees were asked to provide feedback online, using the following website survey tool:”

“The current time line shows construction starting in Jan 2013 with completion in January of 2014.”